Please, come in for some Turkish tea and view our inventory.


Anatolian has been selling the finest carpets, rugs, kilims & sumaks since 1920. We sell rugs from all over the carpet-making-world - from our home country of Turkey to Afghanistan, Persia, and Iran.

We are located just outside Entrance 1 of the Grand Bazaar.

Our Staff


Celal Belli


This is our boss. He has third generation of owners of the Anatolian. He is passionate about his business and enjoys speaking many languages.


Kenan Belli

sales specialist

Kenan is the cousin of the Anatolian owner, Celal Belli. He is one of our most experienced salesman with a lot of knowledge of carpets and rugs of all kinds.


Cengiz Belli

sales specialist

Brother in law to the Anatolian owner, Celal Belli. Cengiz is an approachable and understanding man. He is passionate about carpets and rugs and will work hard to find the right one for you. 


Ahmet Yilmaz

sales specialist

Ahmet is a soft spoken, gentle giant with a knack for the craftsmanship of carpets and rugs.


Saban Onur

warehouse manager

Saban works hard to manage and maintain the warehouse where thousands of carpets are stored. He has a long relationship with Celal Belli and even served in the military with him. 



Cemre Belli

marketing specialist

Cemre is the son of the owner Celal Belli. Cemre studied at university and now works at the Anatolian fulfilling several different roles.

Sabri Rahman

warehouse employee

Sabri is a hard worker who helps Saban in the warehouse. He immigrated from Afghanistan and now works happily with the Belli family.


Anatolian Store

Çarşikapi Nuruosmaniye Cad. Yağcı Han No: 13/1
Istanbul, Turkey
0212 512 0337

Monday-Friday 9am - 7pm
Sunday 10:30am - 5pm